About us

True to our maritime tradition, we are a company based in western Asturias dedicated to the preparation of preserves with a “taste of the sea”, which are marketed under the brand name Conservas Entreislas.

We work hard to produce our excellent quality fish and shellfish preserves and exquisite fish stews, and we are pleased to offer our clients delicately prepared artisanal products.

To achieve this, we combine our region’s traditional preserving and fishing knowledge with our own expertise, which comes from experience and the ability to research and innovate.

The Entreislas range of products concentrates on the most important species of fish and shellfish in the Cantabrian waters used for preserves: anchovies, Cantabrian white tuna, octopus, sea urchin, monkfish and spider crab. The fish stews are our latest addition. These are bean based dishes (Asturian butter beans “fabas”) accompanied by cod, spider crab in cider and octopus, in addition to the region’s own “Fabada” (Fabada Asturiana) and the well-known stew from the north of Spain, Tuna “Marmitako”.

All this is made possible by an enthusiastic team, excited by its work, its successes and being able to achieve our challenges.

Our key objective is that our customers enjoy eating our preserves.

We have set our goal on ORTHOGASTRONOMY, defined as “the pleasure of eating healthily” and as Espronceda more or less says in his unforgettable poem “no storm nor fair weather will change our course of direction”.


Our maritime tradition

Conservas Entreislas products are the result of careful selection and a pampered preparation and packing process, based on an exhaustive control in both raw materials and production. They are always restricted by the personal artisanal stamp and dedication to achieve that unique and natural product so pleasing to the palate.

They are genuine, authentic and traditional products. Buying an artisanal food product is like catching up with the past, rediscovering tastes and aromas that were enjoyed, especially by the older generation, in childhood days.

Son productos genuinos, auténticos, tradicionales. Adquirir un Alimento Artesano significa reencontrarse con el pasado, redescubrir sabores y aromas que, sobre todos los mayores, degustaron en su infancia.

Orthogastronomical Food. The pleasure of eating healthily.

To achieve this, production is based on a few basic and simple rules and we are loyal to tradition and our commitment to quality.

We are recognised by our attention to detail, caring daily for the production and monitoring the selection of the best raw materials and ingredients. The fresh fish and shellfish used for our products and caught by traditional fishing methods, is carefully selected directly from the fishermen who know the whereabouts of the best fishing grounds. Only the freshest and finest fish and shellfish go through our rigorous selection procedure.

Pampering and care of detail by our expert employees is essential for the finished quality of our products. The oil used with our products is carefully selected from among the most prestigious Spanish manufacturers, so we can offer our customers that special quality of which we are so proud. Care and pampering is also applied to our traditional and original hand-made recipes. These recipes combine the tastes of the sea with aromas from the land. Additives are not used. A delight for the most discerning palates.

With the passing of time, we have adapted our production resources adding new facilities that strictly comply with the most demanding health and quality regulations. We have achieved this without losing, at any time, the artisanal preparation techniques. This combination of technology and artisanal techniques allows our products to benefit from the best of both worlds, transforming good quality foods with the taste of our ancestor’s traditional preserves.


All products, whose raw materials come from local suppliers that are very committed to food quality and safety, are prepared at our own facilities.

We carry out rigorous food quality and safety controls throughout the whole process and we achieve an exhaustive control on traceability from the source of the raw material to its preparation, packing and right up to its marketing.

Each of our containers carries an individual batch number allowing us to guarantee the traceability of the products that we produce. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our own and external laboratories.


Our products are a limited edition because, as we all know, “good things are hard to find”.


Our unique environment

Conservas Entreislas is located in a natural environment within the Navia Historical Park, which is full of history, ethnography and traditions, resulting in a region with ample:

Sea and coastline, with a stunning horizon at sea and the unusual combination of the blue sea with the green meadows.

Rivers and nature, full of indigenous and natural products in gardens provided by the Earth and in the meat of our livestock by its pastures.

Traditional gastronomy and modern cuisine united by these products in perfect harmony, bringing pleasure to the most exclusive dinner tables.

A natural wealth incorporated in one region with a great tradition in preserved food. It is favoured by the Cantabrian Sea, which is so generous with its precious produce of both fish and shellfish, and its hardworking people with their wisdom of the sea and its preserves. All this makes the quality and traditional taste of our Entreislas products possible.


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